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Reduce risk to your energy budget with FPSA's Energy Program, powered by Transparent Energy!


FPSA, powered by Transparent Energy, ensures your energy pricing is competitive with live reverse auctions.


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Take a look at the impact a live reverse auction could have on your energy budget!

Our tried-and-true method, and our unique reverse-auction platform dramatically lower prices compared to those achieved by conventional paper-based RFPs.

A New Gold Standard for Green Energy Procurement: What Every Sustainability Manager (and CFO) Needs to Know

Listen to our latest webinar about Sustainability and how Transparent Energy can help decrease your carbon Footprint! Our webinar took place on June 22, 2023.

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Why FPSA and Transparent Energy

Check out our two-pager to find out why FPSA has teamed up with Transparent Energy and what benefits there are for you and your organization.

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Customer Experiences

Read about organizations that have managed their energy budget with Transparent Energy.


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Reach out to speak with us about your energy procurement process!


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VP of Business Development
Phone: 816-392-3003